Creating “Experiences” with Art

    Creating “Experiences” with Art
  • Creating “Experiences” with Art

The students created a work on their hometown, “The Four Seasons of Honzu,” using video works, dance, composition, and models in P5.Jp. The students discussed what they thought was attractive about Honzu and decided on the content to be expressed, while building on their studies in integrated studies and social studies time at elementary school. The “Planning and Management” team was in charge of connecting each of the four seasons and managing the meeting. The “Design” team designed a visual image of the four seasons of Honzu. The “Programming” team used to create images that were projected by a projector to show the images conceived by the “Design” team. The “Programming” team worked with Sachiko Nakajima and mentors from Cambodia and university students via ZOOM and repeated trial and error until they achieved the images they had envisioned. The “Composition” team composed their own music based on the images of the four seasons, and selected and played instruments with particular attention to tone quality. The “Dance” team, using their studies in health and physical education, came up with movements to represent the four seasons and performed them on their own. The “Objects” team used their study of art to create objects representing the four seasons in Honzu City. The teams collaborated and consulted with each other in order to express one season, and worked together to achieve the goal of representing the four seasons in Honzu City. We received advice from Dr. Nakajima via ZOOM on the progress of the project, and finally filmed the video we created in front of the Honzu City Board of Education.

It was a great opportunity for the students to experience the joy of creating something from scratch by themselves, and to expand their possibilities.

Participating Schools Honzu Municipal Itonuki Junior High School Gifu Prefecture
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Itonuki Junior High School 1st Grade

0歳から120歳のこどもたちとワクワクから生まれる遊具アイデア大募集 0歳から120歳のこどもたちとワクワクから生まれる遊具アイデア大募集 第1回 steAm BAND 学びの協奏コンテスト 第1回 steAm BAND 学びの協奏コンテスト